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Bubblegum Octopus - Critters (Cassette tape)

$8.00 / Sold Out

[Sold out from Mothlife! Please vist http://bubblegumoctopus.bandcamp.com/
to obtain a copy directly from the artist!]

Bubblegum Octopus's newest release is available exclusively on cassette! This is a professionally duplicated, high-bias chrome tape for maximum fidelity. It is packaged with a color insert (pink and white!) and light pink plastic shell!

The third long-form release by this New Jersey spazz-out unit is a mini-album of picopop-IDM and fierce chibigrind. What you've got is 10 tracks, 22 minutes of prismatic macromusic. BgO unifies, for his own purposes, a crossover of melodic breakcore, chiptune, Japanese shoegaze, speedcore and 00's-era cybergrind to express personal visons and fantastical situations.