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Rainbowdragoneyes - The Secret Mirror (Cassette Tape in cartridge box)

$10.00 / Sold Out

[sold out from Mothlife, please contact Rainbowdragoneyes directly to get one of the remaining tapes!]

Physical copies of Rainbowdragoneyes' 3rd full-length album are available online exclusively through Mothlife! These are professionally manufactured, chrome cassette tapes with full-color inserts. While supplies last, the cassettes come nested in full-color "Gameboy" outer boxes (we'll let you know when we are out) !

"The Secret Mirror" is a burning world of frenetic and explosive battle themes. Gameboys shred heavy/power metal riffs atop gated synths and squelching attack-zaps with a bombast that overdrives thrashing drum patterns into pounding rave scorchers. The grit and violence of the battlefield is met with "speed-picked" square waves and black metal-esque rasps, alighting in austere majesty with vocal harmonies after vanquishing all foes. Allowing yourself to get lost in these 9 songs will take you through a journey of struggle and victory not unlike an old-school action-RPG. Unchained from genre limits, the scenery of the "The Secret Mirror" changes constantly, presenting new enemies, allies and treasures.

Rainbowdragoneye's sword and sorcery vision of spastic, unapologetically melodic, eurobeat-influenced dance metal has never been clearer or more striking. This release is full of relentlessly detailed song-writing and hook after hook after hook.

The mastermind behind RDE is the drummer of Swashbuckle, Vimana and Vale of Pnath. The diversity in styles behind these bands - from thrash to technical death metal - should give you an idea of just how versatile and completely METAL Rainbowdragoneyes' view of music (and life) is.

This release is presented on high-bias chrome cassette tape. This is a high-fidelity format with a warm, full sound, especially when cranked way up. Each tape comes in a plastic case with full-color insert. Some copies are presented in an additional full-color, pro-printed "gameboy" outer box with an "instruction manual" containing all the lyrics! This is Mothlife's most elaborately packaged release to date.

And, of course, it comes with the digital version as a bandcamp download code.